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How does the fxretail platform work?

Hello all, I searched this subreddit before posting this (there is no past discussion on this topic). I'm not clear about the Fxretail platform that has been launched last year (fxretail .co .in) and is promoted by RBI to allow retail investors in the currency market. All the sites I've visited, including news sites, bank sites (of the banks who have tied up with this platform) and the fxretail site itself, don't explain how the trading works and how the settlement works. They just seem to have marketing material saying that any individual who needs forex can now get it at better rates.
I'd be grateful if someone could answer the following question and explain this platform better.
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Trading Edge - What, How and Why?

What is an example of a trading edge?
Edge can be summed up in a formula that applies to any instrument (see below). Like risk management, everyone like to talk about it, but few people actually can distinguish between sustainable, stylistic, and systemic edge.
How can I find my edge as a trader?
Trading edge is a story, it is a number
What is the best response to "What is your edge" when asked by a potential investor?
'Edges' Managers Often Think Are Edges That Aren't Actually Edges:
5. WE'RE DOCTORS. WE KNOW BIOTECH (AKA “We’re geologists. We know mining”, “We’re engineers. We know technology”, etc.)
How do I get knowledge in trading?
1. Read books
2. Educate yourself online.
3. Read articles
4. Find a mentor
5. Study the greats
6. Read and follow the market
7. Consider paid subscriptions
8. Go to seminars, take classes
9. Practice trading through a online simulator
10. Open trading and demat account with a good broker
Why does the truly successful trader in forex never share their method or strategy?
We know that, you simply often chose not to believe so.
Newbies don’t need strategies, they need experience
My job is to trade, not to teach.
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Trading Beginners Guide- How to do trading?

Trading is done to build wealth. Buying and selling of shares are called trading. We buy shares with the expectation that the shares of a particular company will go up. And generally sell shares when we get our desired price or sometimes we need to close the position in losses too. Our earning and loss will be based on the price of buying and selling of shares.
The trader will earn a profit or will be in losses will depend on the price moment of the particular company’s share he or she is trading in. The shares price moment will be according to the performance of the company.
There are some Terms in trading.
Intraday- when the purchasing and selling of a security are made on the same day.
Delivery- When securities are purchased and kept on hold for a longer time.
Brokerage- it is kind of fee which is paid to the broker on the volume of the security purchased and sold brokerage of delivery and intraday rates vary.
Short selling- Selling of shares and buy it later for making a profit.
Stop Loss- its used to minimize loss.
Best Forex Signals Provider-There are many companies who are into providing signals in various markets like forex, comex, and stocks. By subscribing to their services you can trade in the market.
We can deal in shares, commodity, forex, indices in the same manner. We have described above. Trading is generally done 22 days in the month as the market is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Securities are kept in a demat account and traded with the trading account.
In commodities, we deal in various commodities metals, precious metals. Natural gas, crude oil, and agriculture commodities too
And in currency, We have so many currencies in which we trade like GBP, JPY, USD, and much more currency.
In intraday trading, we see and observe trends in delivery basis trading we see fundamentals.
In the market, we have so many factors which affect price fluctuations in the market.
Trading at the various market is extremely easy. It needs time and dedication and the right approach. There are many techniques and strategies are available which are helpful in profit making in the market like fundamentals, technicals any of these or both techniques can be used depends on the approach and goal.
Importance of Research Companies
Some traders trade by their own but it is very risky and time-consuming process because having market knowledge and keeping a constant eye on the market is very difficult for a trader or sometimes traders trade on some assumptions which may leave them in loses.
And another way to avail services of research companies their companies provide signals by conducting great research on market trends and relevant news. Such companies provide signals to investors or traders at a very low price. In the market, there are so many companies available who provides trading but there it is very relevant to choose a company who provides genuine trading signals.
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Past Performance and Future Prospects of the SWAT Coin Project.

Past Performance and Future Prospects of the SWAT Coin Project.
On the 10th of April 2018 we had closed our pre-sale with an investor base of 109 and a price of USD 0.0000833 Today the user base is 69538 and last traded price is USD 0.000228
User base has increased by 637.96 times and price has increased by 2.73 times. Circulation has increased from 150 million to 159 million and this increase is mostly by way of bounties, airdrops and bonuses.
Generally when the user base increases drastically through airdrops the price tends to drop since those who have received the airdrops wish to sell and book profit immediately as has been the case with several bitcoin forks that are dead projects now because of this tendency.
But in SWAT Coin's case we can see huge increase in buying rather than selling. You can not blame the investors who bought at SWAT at USD 100 in April if they wish to sell at USD 273 now at 2.73 times the original price in just 80 days after their original purchase. It is indeed tempting to book profits with a 273% profit in just a short span of 80 days! These kind of returns are not seen in any market, be it the forex market, stock market, precious metals, commodities or even in the highly speculative crypto currency market.
In March 2018 when the SWAT coin project was at its inception stage Bitcoin was at around USD 12000. Today it is at around 6000 USD! XRP was at 3 USD in Jan and there were hundreds of predictions that its next price target was 5 USD in the short term! Today it is around 0.45 USD which is almost a 90% drop from its peak! Similar predictions for ETH were doing the rounds in Jan when ETH was trading at around USD 1350 and today it is at one third the value, at around 450 USD!
The reason that I quote these examples is mainly to establish the fact that in spite of the huge amount of fear and uncertainty in the market our project has given this kind of a positive return! It is true that our project has had a humble beginning but we have never missed a deadline till now! We have a fully functional block chain up and running in the shortest possible time and a stable Windows GUI Wallet released before the scheduled deadline.
Our investor community is wise and intelligent and all investors have chosen to back the project based on the analysis and understanding of its long-term viability and sure-shot profitability. So within 80 days due to the launch of our block chain the project has given a return of 273% with limited exposure. Now with a huge exposure to so many new investors in the next 3 months after the launch of Pocket Miners a realistic estimate should be at least a 5 to 10 times return from the current levels!
Most importantly our project is backed by the tremendous potential offered by our Pocket Miners which is unique to our project scheduled to be launched in October 2018. Neither BTC nor ETH or for that matter XRP has any plan to launch any thing remotely close to this! Nor are they able to say confidently that this particular product will be released in October 2018 and the profit from the sales of the product will be invested back in to the development and growth of their coins! But we can say that confidently! This is where we stand apart from the rest!
Does being listed in multiple exchanges have an effect on the price? For normal coins these kind of listings with artificial buy walls to prop up the price might be needed to gain the confidence of the investors. But our project assuming that even though we are is listed only on WAVES DEx, and even after October we decide to remain this way, we can be sure of price growth and stability irrespective of number of exchanges we are listed in!
Finally many central governments decide arbitrarily to ban crypto currencies as and when they please and this is a threat faced by the entire spectrum of crypto currencies, right from the biggest to the smallest! But we are immune to this!
In the case of a cryto ban, Pocket Miners will be positioned as a device to mine Ad Revenue, with inbuilt gaming apps to solve POW mathematical puzzles using the gaming power of the device (processing power) which rewards the user with tokens that can be exchanged for USD, paid to the individual users to their PayPal accounts. SWAT already held by investors will be converted to shares held in the Demat format in their secure share holding wallet and dividends will be given every quarter and this will be electronically delivered to share holders to their secure share holding wallet! This strategy is not available for any other crypto currency as of now!
Every or any which way we see it, our project is a clear winner! We will be steady in our approach to delivering returns to our investors! We will never deviate from this focus ever!
For those who have not read about the example I had mentioned about earlier regarding the rewards of being focused read this post...
Since we have talked about gaming and processing power of our Pocket Miners I wanted to share a screen shot of the indicative Octa Core Processor being planned of our Pocket Miner which I had not mentioned in my earlier post.
64 Bit Octa Core Processor
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Live Forex Trading Sessions Part -1 ,01/03/2016 (HINDI) [TOP RATED] Best Demat Account for Beginners & Small Investors Trading Karne Ke Liye Shikhna Jaruri Hai -Open Your Demat Account For Free Trading Account and Demat Account Difference Explained for Beginners FREE Trading Account - Demat account -Secret Telegram Channels TOP 10 STOCK BROKERS IN INDIA 2019  कहा खोले DEMAT ACCOUNT? ZERODHA ICICI SECURITIES  UPSTOX Currency trading simple points in Zerodha Demat Account truth about forex trading demo account - hindi By Ajaymoney future trading for beginners how to buy futures in ...

BSE Demat Account Charges. At the time you open BSE Account, an account opening fee needs to be paid to the broker. There is one other fee that is charged by brokers for the accounts – Demat Account AMC (annual maintenance charge). Although most of the broker offers the Free Demat Account i.e. you don’t have to pay any fees while opening an account. They used to be the top demat account provider of India until Zerodha overtook them. They introduced online trading to India around year 2000. Supported by its parent bank ICICI Bank, there is a trust built with ICICI Direct.s . It is a 3-in-1 demat account with Trading account, Saving Bank account and demat account all integrated together. It ... Learn what is trading account, demat account and the difference between demat and trading account. Click here to know more about it on our knowledge bank section. You will get 3-in-1 account, i.e Saving + Trading + Demat account rolled into one; The 3-in-1 account offers easy to transfer in and transfer out money. ICICI offers 3 types of brokerage plans. 1) ICICI direct Prime – with access to premium research reports and instant payout through eATM for the shares sold. Demat account is not required to start forex trading in India as you won’t get delivery of forex in your account at the end of the day. All the trades are cash-settled. You need only two accounts, a trading account, and a bank account to start forex trading in India. Factors to Consider Before Opening a Forex Brokerage Account. Table of Contents #1. Leverage #2. Commissions and Fees #3 ... A Demat Account is very similar to a bank's Savings Account, but instead used for holding stocks or shares for more than one trading day (i.e. - overnight). This is the most vital account for stock trading. In Demat Account, shares are held in a dematerialized or electronic form, instead of issuing physical certificates to Investors. The other difference between the trading account and Demat account meaning is that in the trading account you can buy or sell stocks or shares, futures or options, commodities as well as currencies. But in the Demat account, only the shares or whom you have taken delivery, they will be stored. Delivery shares are taken back from the Demat account and given to the buyer. And, you don’t need a DEMAT account for currency trading, as there is no delivery of currency involves. Most trades in the currency market are cash-settled. For online FOREX trading, you only need a currency trading account. If you are wondering, forex trading can add diversity to your portfolio and let your investment exercise better. The ... Shop for cheap price Analysis Of Demat Account And Online Trading Project Pdf And Buku Trading Forex Pdf . For currency and forex trading, you don’t need a demat account as currency trading deals with buying and selling of currencies and there is no need of holding anything in electronic format. You need to open a trading account with a broker. However...

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Live Forex Trading Sessions Part -1 ,01/03/2016 (HINDI) [TOP RATED]

TradingView Replay Challenge - Paul Weidner: Price Action Forex Trading Strategy Trading Nut 136 watching Live now Top 10 Best Online Businesses For Beginners - Duration: 18:03. Dear users Life Time Free Angel Broking Demat Account open kerne ke leeye niche deye link per registered karee..... APPLY LINK Angel Broking Demat - Use This Link for free lifetime assistance by ... Join Our Course & Open Demate Account For Trading Call :- +919093344823 / +918617491997 Open Demate Account:- 1. Demat Account For Beginners डीमैट अकाउंट खोलने के पहले इन चीज़ो का ध्यान रखे - Duration: 8 ... Forex Trading ... FREE Trading Account - Demat account -Secret Telegram Channels upstox link to open account 👇( free) Angel Broking 👇(f... Trading Account And Demat Account Difference Though nowadays many of the brokers combine the trading and demat account together, the two concepts are completely different from one another. Follow link for open Demat & Trading account in Zerodha. Hi dosto, is video me main bataunga ki, future kaise buy k... Click here to open Demat account with Zerodha: ... Best FX Trading Strategies (THE Top Strategy for Forex Trading) - Duration: 32:00. No Nonsense Forex 1,647,867 views. 32:00. Discount Broker vs ... In this video, we have discussed brokers offering lowest demat and trading account opening charges, along with its AMCs. The brokers mentioned in the above video are: - Finvasia: https://www ...